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Stormerce Admin Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

STEP 1: Sign in to your dashboard as an administrator using your email and password (by adding /admin) to the URL of your hosted domain.


STEP 2: This is the Stormerce user dashboard when you are signed in successfully,


The dashboard is also known as the backend and allows users/admin to fully manage their marketplace, functionality, and design. It is accessible only to the marketplace owners/admin.

It consists of three main areas:-

  • the lefthand menu bar: It holds the 14 tools in stormerce.

lefthand menu side

  • the top navigation bar: This is where you find quick links to navigate to your shop, change subscription plan, go to account details, or logout.

top level menu bar

  • the middle section: This is your work area, where you take action on each section that follows when you click a feature from the lefthand menu bar.

middle sections

Admin Dashboard Features

Working with the Stormerce admin dashboard is pretty simple. It provides cool features for the user to comfortably build, manage a multi-vendor marketplace, and have full control over it.


stormerce dashboard

This is where you see the details of the performance of your marketplace. You will see the order summary by week or month. And the sales history as per total sales and orders. It also provides the total number of products and customers with your revenue growth. It also provides details of your stock thresholds, customers with the most sales, and top-performing categories.

Dropship Manager


This is where you manage products imported from Ali express and their order. You can further edit the product features.


Marketplace features

This where you manage what happens in your marketplace. You approve sellers and products, see customer reviews, manage order and transactions, make bulk upload product, or data flow profile.


sales features

This is where you manage order, shipment, invoices, and refunds.


catalog feature

This is where you create products, attributes, categories, and attributes family.


customers features

This is where you manage your customers. You can approve them, create a group for them, see and approve their reviews, send them a newsletter.


velocity features

This is the theme for the design of your marketplace. With the velocity theme, you can customize the look and feel of your marketplace as it best suit you.


promotion features

This is where you set the cart and catalog rules for your promotion program. They are special rules with conditions you define that allows your customers to buy a certain product at a discounted price.



This is where you create and manage your page content


settings features overview for stormerce

This is where you set features such as locales, currencies, exchange rates, inventory sources, and taxes.


stripe features live

This allows you to accept payment directly on your marketplace via your debit or credit card


tenant plus

This is where you as the marketplace owner manage your information.


pwa features

This feature provides a native app experience to user.  With PWA you can achieve features like push notification and work in low internet connection.



This is where you configure and set properties for all app features.

Updated on August 3, 2020

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