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How To Set Local for Channels In Stormerce

Getting Started With Setting Locale In Stormerce

Locales are languages that stormerce support. It enables you to display your store in different languages which helps to improve the shopping experience of your customers as they can be able to access your marketplace in their language.

Stormerce supports nine(9) default languages:- English (en), Turkish (tr), Portuguese (pt_BR), Polish (pl), Dutch (nl), Italian (it), Persian (fa), German (de), Arabic (ar). Thus many more languages will be added.

Click here to see all languages that stormerce support.

These are the following steps to follow to set locale for a channel:

Step 1: From settings, click on Channel

settting locales in channels

Step 2: In the middle section go to the channel you want to set your local and click on the edit pen icon.

set channel in edit mode

Step 3:It will take you to a page where you can edit the channels information. Scroll down to currencies and locales. Under the locale field, select the language as well as the default locale you want from the multi-select options and save channel

select the languages thatyou want under local in the chosen channel

Save and see the frontend

front end

Updated on August 1, 2020

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