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How To Refund An Order

Follow these steps to create a refund in stormerce;

Step 1:–  Go to Admin Panel, click on Sales>>Orders

Sales settings


Step 2:- Select order to invoice

Selected Order

Note:- Refund  button will be visible only if the order is invoiced

Step 3:- Create Invoice and after that you save.

Set order to be invoiced

After saving the invoice created you would be redirected to this page automatically as shown below, after which you would click on refund;

Refund Page


Refund Shipping:-  In this field, enter the amount which you want to refund from the shipping fee. Initially, this field will show the total shipping amount that is available for refund.

The refund shipping fee can be decreased but can’t be increased to the actual shipping(initial shipping amount) fee.

Adjustment Refund:- enter the amount which will be added to the total refunded amount as an additional refund that does not include any shipping, product price, tax cost.

Adjustment Fee:- Enter the amount that will be subtracted from the sub-total amount.


Step 4:-  Edit the product ordered section below; then you click the refund button above as shown.

Creating a Refund

Step 5 :- After clicking on refund; this should be the display

Result after successfully creating a refund


Step 6:–  Go to Admin Panel, click on Sales>>Refunds

A successful refund order completed

Step 7:–  Go to Admin Panel, click on Sales>>Orders;  to see the end result as shown that the Id number 59 has closed order that is to say a successful refund has been completed as shown below;

Refund End Result


Updated on July 23, 2020

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