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How To Map Your Custom Domain

Step-1: Login To Your DNS Management Console

You first need to login inside your DNS Management console and open your domain. Here, we are using NameCheap:


Having logged into Namecheap account, go to your Domain List -> click ‘Manage’ next to the domain

Click on Advanced DNS tab


Then Click On Add New Record 

Step-2: Add DNS Record

After that, you need to create an A-Record and Map it to

Here the IP of Stormerce is To map the domain (dealzbae.com) with Stormerce server IP, the DNS entry should be like this in the image below.


After mapping the Domain, the next step will be to do a Wildcard Mapping for the subdomains.




How to do a Wildcard Mapping For Subdomain

Still on the Add New Record Section

Click on ‘Add New Record’ and create the following record:

Type: A Record | Host: * | Value: | TTL: Automatic


Click on the checkmark on the right to save the changes. Normally, the changes should take effect within 30 minutes.


Step-4: Send your domain name and your  Username to [email protected] so we can complete the process for you


Updated on August 17, 2020

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