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How To Create Configurable Product


Configurable products are products that are sold in different variations. It consists of a single product with lists of options for each variation.

Each option represents a separate, simple product with a distinct SKU, which makes it possible to track inventory for each variation. For example, a merchant can create a product such as a t-shirt with different sizes and colors so that the customer can choose the product based on the variation as provided.

Getting Started With Creating Configurable Product In Stormerce

The first thing to do before creating a configurable product is to set the attributes you want to use.

Step1: From the admin dashboard go to “attribute”, select the attribute that you want to use

Selecting Attribute

Step 2: Put it in its edit mode by clicking on the pen icon, then scroll down to the configuration section.

putting selected attribute in Edit mode

Step 3: In the configuration section, set YES from the option in the “

Setting Configuration settings to Yes

How To Add Configurable Product

Step 1: Click on Catalog>>Product, Click add Product.

Click add Product

Step 2: Select  Configurable as Product Type>>select Attribute Family>>enter SKU

configurable attribute

Step 2: After you have saved the product credential, Next, Configurable Attributes option will be displayed. where you can choose the different variants for the product.

Configurable Attribute Option

then save changes and set general properties

How To Set General Properties

Below is the list of fields you need to fill under General Attributes.

list of fields you need to fill under General Attributes.



Provide SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) of the product which is unique to every product.


Set URL Key

This will be the end of the URL, for example, http://samirto.stormerce.com/products/philips-speaker (Philips-speaker is a URL key)

Name and URL Key

Tax Category

You can select the Tax Category from the drop-down list which you want to be applied to the product.

Tax Category

Set New

Enable toggle button, if you want to feature the product as a new product. The resulting product will be shown under the New Products section.

New toggle button

Enable toggle button, if you want to show the product under the Featured Products section.

New Feature Button

Set Product Visibility Individually

Enable toggle button so that the product will be visible on the front end.

Visible Individually Button

Set Status

Enable toggle button so as to make the product enable on the storefront.

Status Button

Set Guest Checkout

Enable toggle button, to allow the product ordered by guest customer.

Guest Checkout Button

Set Description

Below is the list of the fields you need to fill regarding the product under description;

Set Short Description

Enter a short description of the feature of the product

Set Short Description

Set Description

Here you can mention your product in detail.

Set Description

Set Meta Description

Below is the list of fields that you need to provide under meta description to make your product easily searchable on search engines.

Set Meta Title

Enter the title of the product that will appear. It appears on the title bar and tab of your browser, and on search engine result page

Meta Title

Set Meta Keyword

The meta keyword for the product needs to be provided to improve its searchability on the search engine for specific keywords.

Meta Keywords

Set Meta Description

Enter description so that products can easily appear in search engine listing.

Meta Description

Add Images

Add the product images, click on Add Images. You can add multiple images for your product.

Set Image

Set Categories

 Select the exact category in which you want to keep your product.

Set Category

Set Variations

Under the Variation section, the combination of the color and size will be displayed. Enter the product name, quantity, and price weight and click on the Save Product.

Set Variations

Set Channel

Select the channel, so that the product will be visible on the selected channel.


Click on Save Product. and See Product page

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Updated on July 25, 2020

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