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How To Add Page Link In Footer

Step 1: On your admin dashbard, go to CMS and click on pages. In the middle section you will find a list of all pages. go to the page you want to add to footer and click on the edit pen icon.

edit about us page

Step 2: :Click on the preview button. The page will open in another tab. go over and copy the page url.

about us page url

Step 3: On the left navigation menu bar, Go to velocity, click on metadata.  In the middle section, scroll down to the footer middle content section and click on the source code icon.

click on the source code icon

Step 4: add the page URL in the about us code line by replacing the “https://stormerce.io/” with “page URL” then click ok.

add page url to footer link

Step 5: Click on the update metadata button at the top right corner

click on the metadata button

Step 6: go to the footer section on the storefront and click the about-us link. then you will  see the page

click the about us page link in the footer

Updated on August 8, 2020

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